Our Mission

Zoic Labs is an advanced visualization company focused on the intersection of data, narrative, design, collaboration, and emerging technologies. Since 2002, we have developed software and virtual production tools for sister company Zoic Studios, a multi-platform storytelling company with emphasis on high-end computer graphics for film, television, gaming, and VR/AR experiences. We build proprietary and bespoke products , collaborative platforms, and provide UI/UX design, agile software development, R&D, and consulting services for a diverse range of private companies, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Collectively, Zoic has 350 employees, with offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and New York City. Our team has earned 8 Emmy Awards, 8 Visual Effects Society Awards, among others, for visual effects in movies such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, and television series’ such as Game of Thrones, Homeland, CSI, and Battlestar Galactica.

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QBI Coronavirus Research Group

In support of finding a cure for COVID-19, Zoic Labs has developed an interactive data visualization tool to assist the world renowned Krogan Labs at the University of California San Francisco in conjunction with their publication “A SARS-CoV-2 Protein Interaction Map Reveals Targets for Drug-Repurposing” in the upcoming issue of Nature. The tool allows scores of scientists around the world to share their findings and provides visual connections between the 27 SARS-CoV-2 proteins and the 332 human genes they interact with, providing a wealth of information about each gathered through the research. In addition the tool provides in-depth information about all current drug interactions and their statuses, and links to external sources for additional information about the virus proteins.

To meet the pressing need for this information to support worldwide research, Zoic Labs was able to create this tool in 3 weeks, with the first working prototypes in just days to allow the researchers lots of time for iterations and improvements. The Krogan Lab, based at the Quantitative Biosciences Institute at UCSF, is collaborating with scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York and the Pasteur Institute in Paris.


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Cognitive Core™

Our proprietary visualization platform and toolkit ingests, aggregates, and displays open source, social media, GIS map, and private datasets in a 3D rendered “game environment” GUI through a web portal. This platform has been used as the foundation to develop threat intelligence and situational awareness prototypes for U.S. government and military customers, across numerous domains: remote sensing, AIS ship tracking, electromagnetic spectrum, etc.

Our platform is based on the construct of getting data from globally dispersed repositories into a central location, transforming the many formats at the lowest common denominator, applying algorithms to rapidly process data into usable information, and delivering it quickly to the end user with emphasis on intuitive visual storytelling.

Cognitive is an agile, customizable visualization framework that can readily evolve with future data schemas and processes.

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Live by Zoic

Showroom ™

Showroom is a digital review and asset management tool focused on the fashion and retail space. It allows designers and stakeholders to connect with each other in real time to easily comment, notate and interact directly on 3D designs.

Fashion designers experience ease when viewing their assets in preconfigured photo-realistic showrooms and environments. Additionally, they can choose from multiple templates to customize and control the camera and lighting work in their personal workspace. Showroom also offers a photograph feature so that images can be posted on social media for instant feedback from a chosen demographic.

Collaborating is at the heart of Showroom’s capabilities. Spatially aware annotations and a time-stamped comment thread allow for accurate and impactful feedback. Team-friendly tools, review sessions, email and chat groups are accessible though one-time links, and real-time assets review allows for remote group involvement. All collaborative efforts are supported by a secure, cloud-based, file share system that incorporates various levels of permission.

Versatility for project management is a hallmark of Showroom. In addition to managing multiple versions of a particular asset, Showroom offers an organizational system that allows media files, multiple designs, and previous project drafts to be accessed with ease from any device with a web browsers. No additional software is required to start using Showroom. For those desirous of additional services, custom plug-ins are available for 3D fashion design software such as CLO and VStitcher, both of which seamlessly transfer work directly into Showroom.

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Capital One

The product team at Capital One asked Zoic Labs for an innovative way to present the bank’s internal data – something that would make the volume and magnitude of its data accessible and exciting – far exceeding a simple fact sheet or handout.

Zoic Labs created a custom visualization tool for Capital One that integrated the bank’s complex data into a user-friendly storytelling environment.

Zoic Labs collaborated with Capital One’s in-house product team that analyzes “sensor data,” raw collected data about user activities (bill pay, customer transactions, call center reports, etc.). The team had two key objectives: to show the value of data and to reveal its implications – for example, identifying anomalous behavior that turns out to be fraud. Zoic Labs created a portable VR/gamified experience to do both in an engaging way.

Utilizing our background in complex data-driven storytelling and cinematic visual effects, Zoic’s developers crafted a virtual city where each skyscraper represents a different aspect of the data collected, such as account summary applications, fraud alerts, and new card sign-up. The height of the building represents the web traffic each department has received at the Capital One website, calculated based on subject matter.

After touring the 3D visualizations of Capital One’s dataset, players are given a chance to interact with the world itself. The experience launches the user into the front lines of data filtering through an engaging and high-energy minigame. Emulating the process of a data analyst, the player catches and throws pieces of queried information to help the Capital One web analysis team. The game utilizes VR visualization at a consistent 90 frames per second. Click stream analytics, cursor moves, and button clicks allow the user to filter through Capital One’s data in a fun and agile manner.

By placing iterative prototyping into Capital One users’ hands quickly, the feedback loop from users is swift and impactful. Zoic Labs’ development team was able to quickly adjust and provide updates. The game play was honed into a highly polished and easy-to-learn experience that not only served as an educational tool but also positioned Capital One as an innovator in data aggregation. The experience debuted at the annual Capital One Data Conference in October 2019.

Case Study

Game Play


Can a Film Made by a Machine Move You?

Films make us laugh and cry. Filmmakers who wield this power can impact the world, but is filmmaking a uniquely human skill? Can a film made by a machine move you? Zoic Labs and Saatchi/Team One conducted an experiment to answer this question using IBM Watson, EEG neurofeedback, emotion recognition, MS Rinna chatbot, and custom-built editing and neural art AI software. The result was “Eclipse,” a short film conceived, directed, and edited by Artificial Intelligence, which debuted at the 2016 Cannes Lions New Director’s Showcase.

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ZEUS Scout

ZEUS is a revolutionary pre-visualization platform that delivers never-seen-before set capabilities and film quality effects on a television budget and schedule.

Real-time camera tracking and rendering of virtual environments on set allows unprecedented creative flexibility for the cast and crew working on a green screen stage. ZEUS Scout is the platform’s complementary iPad app providing a powerful suite of navigation, creative and technical tools for filmmakers.

Heavily used in episodic series’ including Once Upon a Time, Pan Am, and V, ZEUS brings the highest level of visual effects to projects of any scope across a wide range of media platforms.

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TAKEN Tournament

TAKEN Tournament is a sleuthing iPad game that allows users to battle their friends in a 3D virtual space. Navigate through the three-dimensional game space with the touch screen — or with gesture control using Thalmic Labs’ Myo armband — and link together letters to spell out words, before they’re all TAKEN.

You can play with friends by creating or joining a multiplayer game.

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